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Northeast Creek Streamwatch partners with the Parkwood Homeowners Association and members of the American Bamboo Society to manage the bamboo groves in the common land of the Parkwood community by using volunteers. Management contains the bamboo to attractive groves in suburban residential setting by harvesting the bamboo for shoots, stakes, and building material for community projects.

June Heavy Rains Affect Euclid Stream

The heavy rains and winds in late June caused some trees to be uprooted and branches to fall in the stream.

The new outfall construction just completed for the stream between the bamboo grove and the wetlands held up, although the straw and mesh was swept away in some areas.

Post-storm damage - first culvert
The first culvert downstream of the bamboo grove after the 7/28/2015 thunderstorm.

Here is a link to more pictures and descriptions.

Stream and bamboo cleanup

NECSW is actively participating in the volunteer effort to manage the Parkwood bamboo grove and clean up the Euclid stream. Our vision is to manage the bamboo grove to create a productive and esthetically pleasing public space. A healthy grove is uniquely beautiful, is a good habitat for birds, reduces rainwater runoff from surrounding land, and offers a pleasant parkland for walking and contemplation. Three of our members joined six other volunteers for several work sessions this past week.