Northeast Creek Streamwatch is a voluntary, local, informal association of citizens who coordinate individual and group activities dedicated to conserving and enhancing the scenic, recreational, natural and historic qualities of Northeast Creek and its landscape in the upper Haw River/Lake Jordan basin. There are multiple headwaters of Northeast Creek. One branch begins near Riddle Road and NC 55; another near Miami Boulevard and US 70; several others begin near different points along Angier Avenue. Northeast Creek flows through Parkwood before receiving water from Burdens Creek, Kitts Creek, and Panther Creek. Those tributaries drain the Research Triangle Park area. Northeast Creek then flows into Lake Jordan at the northern bridge over NC 751.

Project Contacts

Clean-Ups; Creek Critters Puppet Theater and Parade Unit – colleen(underscore)haithcock(at)northeastcreek(dot)org

Natural Heritage Inventory, Cultural Heritage Inventory, Ecological History – rhaithcock(at)gmail(dot)com

Stream Monitoring – michael(at)northeastcreek(dot)org

Tabling – colleen(at)northeastcreek(dot)org

Upstream Neighbors/Downstream Neighbors – Runoff Mitigation – cquammen(at)gmail(dot)com

Bamboo Management – derekjont(at)gmail(dot)com

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Volunteers Preserving the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Northeast Creek