Virtual Tours

These are virtual tours of various parts of the Northeast Creek watershed that you can take by automobile, by bicycle, or by walking.

Source-to-Mouth Tour (automobile or bicycle)

See the ridges that are the high points between the Northeast Creek watershed and adjacent watersheds. Travel from the sources to the mouth of Northeast Creek on Lake Jordan at the NC 751 bridge.

Tributary C Tour (automobile, bicycle, or walking)

Follow the course of the tributary that feeds Parkwood Lake from the intersection of Barbee Road and NC 54 to where Tributary C joins Northeast Creek near the bridge on Grandale Road.

Tributary D Tour (automobile, bicycle, walking) – coming Earth Day

Follow the course of the tributary that forms the creek between Grandale Place, Lyons Farm, and Fairfield and flows from Hunters Woods to join Northeast Creek in the Army Corps of Engineers land to the east of Lyons Farm Elementary School.

Wetlands Tour (automobile, bicycle, and short walks) – coming Earth Day

See the Northeast Creek wetlands near Ellis Road and Sohi Drive, in the Meridian office center, by the Parkwood community, and in the Army Corps of Engineers land of the Northeast Creek Bottomlands natural heritage inventory lands of Durham County.

Volunteers Preserving the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Northeast Creek