Our Projects

Our projects reach out to the residents of the Northeast Creek watershed to assist the practical actions that altogether can achieve a larger result.


  • Creek Critters Puppet Pond and Parade Unit
  • Natural Heritage Inventory
  • Cultural Heritage Inventory
  • Northeast Creek Ecological History
  • Forest Schools, Nature Schools, and Urban Agriculture Network




  • Parkwood Festivals Tabling
  • South Durham Farmers Market Tabling (February)
  • Creek Week Events
  • Web Site and Social Media


  • Upstream Neighbors/Downstream Neighbors Rainfall Runoff Mitigation
  • Rainfall Runoff Mitigation Technical Assistance Outreach
  • Neighborhood-Focused Invasive Plant Control
  • Native Plant Propagation

Project Contacts

Clean-Ups; Creek Critters Puppet Theater and Parade Unit – colleen(underscore)haithcock(at)northeastcreek(dot)org

Natural Heritage Inventory, Cultural Heritage Inventory, Ecological History – rhaithcock(at)gmail(dot)com

Tabling – colleen(at)northeastcreek(dot)org

Upstream Neighbors/Downstream Neighbors – Runoff Mitigation – cquammen(at)gmail(dot)com

Volunteers Preserving the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Northeast Creek